Like a storm so hard, heard a shoot, I Think
Was a Magnum fan, in the dust can ´t see
I never knew the death, a body with no head
Rolling cross the street, bloody full of shit.

See the people get fun, I feel a little rey,
Walking but not run, enjoy the movie I´ve made.
I never was at school, I really feel so cool,
Hiding of the lights, holy and blessy night.

Vi the ratis get back, when I back in barrio,
With a chili black dog, talking on the radio,
The shoot, the gun, the children´s prayer
And the Boom Boom bang,
The boom boom bang.

Find, hideaway, runaway, get in mess,
Become in sinner,

Sign, Let me roll, let me know, let me stop,
Become in killer.

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