Should I get a hold on this
The old man said
This train is coming his way

He's got pounds of nothing in a box
It's so heavy
I'd throw it away - lalala

Gonna paint my face bright blue
And find a car, drive it down the coast
Real slow

So if you think you have the time
Please cut loose, pack your bags and come
I'm gonna leave today

We'll fly away
Leave no tracks for anyone to find us

Let's set out, no asking why
And go as far as anyone has gone
Leave the phantoms of our lives behind to cry


I've got a hat on
Do you like my shoes?
Hop aboard, here we go… away

Snow lies on a grassy slope
Sun shines bright
Carries it to sea
Way down the river

Just had a bottle of wine, I'm in the mood
Won't you have some too?
Please have some too

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