(Come here cutie, hey, come here)

[2Pac talking]
So what's up?
Can a nigga fuck or what?
Let me know

Now is it cool to fuck?
I know you see a nigga staring
All I need to know is, are you sharing?
If you are, then let me be the one for you
(Lay ya' down and cum for ya')
Now follow me into a flow
Have another glass of Gin and be my hoe
Cause I'm, drunk and I'm feeling kinda frisky
Hand full of ass, now kiss me
And let's get deep in the, moment
Turn over baby and I'm, on
Baby got back in fact
She stacked like a motherfucker got a nigga coming back
I love the way she lick's her lips
Then trip's when she see the dick
Now is it cool to fuck?


I want to know if uh
(Ha ha, is it cool to fuck?)
I want to know
I want to know if uh
(Let a nigga know)
(Is it cool to fuck?)
Is it cool to fuck?
I want to know if uh
(Is it cool to fuck?)
I want to know
I want to know if uh

Is it cool to fuck?
Damn bitch let a nigga know
I'm running late gotta make it to the studio
You said your nigga ain't home, so it's on
Let a nigga bone, if he come I got's the chrome
Let's think of new games to play
Forget about your man you said you'd meet me anyway
So won't you come and get next to me
And let Mac-10 take you to your ecstasy
We can get buck wild
Do it in the shower, on the floor, on the sink, doggystyle
I know you know what I mean
I'm talking about that freaky ass shit strawberries and whipped cream
No time for no games all I want is a nut, bitch
Is it cool to fuck?


[Rated R]
I want a dick hoe, 2, I thought you knew
Ain't nothing wrong with giving up that ass to me and my crew
Baby, I want to ride that ass
Don't wait too much, lets fuck and bust nuts
Straight up hoe let's put the bullshit to the side
And let's fuck our brains out all night
Had her with a little sugar and spice
Whipped cream on my dick and lick it off baby, get it off quick
Suck it till my sperm rush to the tip
And let me squirt this juice on your lips
I'm a pimp not a wimp when it comes to the job
Fuck talking shit, you'll soon pass out
I bet you won't beat it off
Cause when I'm through with that ass it's time to charge that credit card

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