Speak Easy

If there's a scream inside of you just let it go
You're beating yourself up baby don't you know
You've got to get through and lift the roof off your soul
It's like a pain lock in a part of your heart
It's never going to leave it unless you start to warm it up
Be wise and be smart

Out on the ocean
There's no one around no one to hear a sound
It's just us out here out on the ocean
Speaking freely

Away from the city
Away from the ears that bug us and judge us
It's so liberating to be free
And my heart slows down

Nice and easy
And your breathing will be pleasing
Just speak easy and say what's on your mind
I search for something to compare you to
Thought long and hard for a simile true
Now I'm suddenly aware
End the quest you're beyond compare
So speak easy

If there's a shadow in your life then there's sunshine
Things turning inside out all the time just rewind
It's all in your mind

Ooh so speak easy
Out here we're floating
Late in the night and the only light to guide us
Is a full moon that's glowing on the sea
And my heart slows down


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