Isn't it funny how long we know each other now?
And isn't it strange that we're still equal somehow?
And isn't it weird that we are still on the same road?
And isn't it real not to do what we've been told?

Together forever
No matter what the weather
Side by side when we gamble with angles
Whatever comes whatever happens to you
It will happen to me too

They pointed their fingers at us
an called us names
They wanted us to be "the next big thing"
but we've never changed
We slept on the same floor
Ate the same waste every fuckin' day
Good to know you mr. rock'n'roll
We say "fuck 'em all"
And that's all we say


They say "only the good die young"
So that makes us old and bad
Thank you compadres
For the best time I've ever had


We are all we've got

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