The air is filled with dust
And the morning sun is burning.
Since eight years we keep riding
Through this no man's land.
Why do they trust in us?
We are lawless in every category.
Don't you ever follow the footprints
That we left in the sand.
Wanted by the law
We transport notes across the country.
Our customers like to stay unknown til
We meet 'em in the night.
Like Coyotes they are waiting for
What they ordered from us.
And they gonna get immediately
When we show up and the prize is right!

Up and away following the sundown
Spit in the sand to let 'em know you were here.
We got no place to stay
No minute to come down
Stay! Stay!

Another day another dollar
Another law to break.
Invisible for sheriffs and deputies.
We know in each and every state
There's a reward on everyone of us
For robberies and dirty jailbreaks.
Ace in the hole or a hole in the head
That's why we don't like to make mistakes.
At night we come
But we're gone with the morning sun.
Legendary in the way that we move
Creeping through the desert.
Cuz we're on the run to you.
They want to hang us high
We make bountyhunters cry
Cuz there is no trace they can follow
And the suspects are nowhere to find.


There's nothing we haven't seen
No law that we haven't broken.
We play poker with five jokers
And magnetize when we play roulette.
Gangsters, Dealers, Criminals and Whores
That's what we call our familytree.
Always involved in every barfight cuz
That is the place for us to be.
Who the hell is John Wayne?
Who the fuck are the young guns?
We sell water as whiskey
Grab the money and run.
Go to hell with authority
We won't do what you try to teach us.
I see the sun at the horizon
That means we gotta go.
Let's get outa here, fellas
And before you know... we are...

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