Party over here party over here
This time we bring it to an end just like we should
Too late for givin' it up. I wouldn't do it even if I could
And even if your fist is the last thing I'll ever see
There's no mercy mercy mercy mercy for me
Don't hold me back
Motherfucker why?

We kick up dust and break them bones with our bare hands
We fall and rise again to show them who's the man
No matter who will win it's entertainment
This is what we call the last man standing

I smell adrenalyn and I smell fear
There's no back up today
That's the reason why we're here
And even if your body's turnin' black and blue
I won't mercy mercy mercy mercy you
Don't hold me back
Motherfucker what?


Stand up fucker
Stand up motherfucker
Stand up bitch
Stand up motherfucker

Left right left right left right uppercut


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