You call it a promise!
We call it a lie!
How can we swallow more when our throats are dry?
Dry from all the screaming...
Screaming at you!

You've created these demons and now they come for you!
Take my hand now.
United we stand, divided we fall!
We will take it from here.
There is nothing to fear!

Tell 'em that the new breed is here!

We are still breathing!
And we gonna make them feel it.
We've come for what's our's believe it!
Everybody run! (x3)

You call it a Free World!
We call it a Jail!
How can we make it when you make sure that we fail?
But there's a new horizon that you can't see
and we gonna run you down until this generation is free!

We are the new breed!
We'll stand 'til we succeed.

We just take what we need...
Everybody run! Everybody run!
Everybody run away!
Just run away!

2006, still controlled by clueless politics.
There is poverty everywhere you look.
Innocent bystanders bleed for unintelligent crooks. It's crazy!
Not just a few but the whole damn nation
is suffering the intellectual hunger-pain.
Come on!

When will it end? When will it stop?
When do they realize that this ain't a storm in a waterglass.
Only if we act up as one generation,
we can reduce all this anger in the nation!

Yo, we got 'em running scared!

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