your favourite blacksheep is resurrected
this is "waltz four" for the infectet
we don't dance , we mosh
we don't touch, we crush
we do everything that you do not
we bring back what is hot come on

the stakes are high and still we try
not to die but to satisfy
we don't step, we stomp
we don't push, we pump
adrenalyn from your head to your rump baby
we bring back quality

this one is straight from the heart
and we give it just to you
you're the ones that kept it true
now gimme an "O.N.E"
cuz one love is all we got
cuz one love is all we got for you

if it ain't rough it ain't right
and if it ain't right it ain't real
so what shall we fear huh?
we don't argue, we swing on motherfuckers
crank up these motherfuckers till you run for cover
we bring you back 4Lyn


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