yo,i came a long way (belive that!),
but still know where i started from and where this art is
the masters of ceremony.
rule or cry! do or die! for the microphone...
and i was able to speak but not able to hold a mic.
was able rhyme, not able to speak them lines right.
but i waited for the day until the time was right.
i wrote all night until then i kept it quiet.(shhh)
there still too many talented mcÃ,´s unsigned ,
too many untalented muthafukkers on my mind.
i get angry when a rookie steps up
with words that don´t make sense.
tellin´me to get up...like this...

(you wanna battle? you wanna go against me?
i´m the best around as you can see..)

oh,can´t you see that this is me??? (this is real!)
oh,can´t you feel that this is real???

first,pay dues to the old school and
respect the veterans
or you will never be better than the average rapper.take a
just because you can write doesn´t mean
that you can use a blakkbook.(did you hear me?).
(but you love guitars...) - but i´m true to the game!
(what you do this for??)- yo, i do it for the fame!
(yo,i got mo´cash than you!)-than give me all you can!
but if you´re broke,ask juvinille ("you understand??")
i don´t roll a benz i got a v-dove.
and all you hiphops get all my love.
without you i wouldnÃ,´t be here (remember that??).
if not, chekk the song called "alina
i don´t want to disrespect.
don´t blame me if you miss respect.
i just wanted to make one thing clear...(say what?)
my love for hiphop is the reason,why brasko´s still here.
traditional mc-metaphors...is what i use,
and why i´m gettin´applause.
it´s not about videos,bitches or cars...
it´s about understanding,so keep your creditcard

oh,can´t you see that this is me???
namebelts, kangols, blokkparties and all that.
oh,can´t you feel that this is real???
spraycans, fatcaps, wholecars- FOREVER!!
oh,can´t you see that this is me???
uprokk,bakkflips, headspins and sixsteps.
oh, can´t you feel that this is real???
shelltoes and our laces were fat!!

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