turn your radio off
turn your video off
turn your stereo off
and kick that shit out your window
hit the streets
feel these beats
cuz what I´m gonna show you
is exactly what you need!

so, if you´re with it - all night!
just abmit it - alright!
cuz tonight is going down
girls - shake you´re body!
boys - grab a hottie!
oh oh - let´s get naughty

everybody just grab somebody
now, everybody sing
I´m gonna get
I won´t let it go for a minute
as long as you are with it

this ain´t no trick or treat
it´s a stick up for sweets
where even crybabies get some
we´ve got a common position
a low inhibition
and lots op ammunition, girl!


if you try to slow us down
we show everyone around
that there is no way you can stop us
cuz tnight we´re scandallous
even cops can handle us
cuz tonight we´re on the grind


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