Here is a song that I never wanted to write
But here is nothing left to defend or fight for
Here is a song that I never wanted to sing
I should be in pain, I know...
But I don't feel anything
I'm tired of wasting tears of mine
You've pushed my patience on the line
Our past was just a blink on my knife

Because this heart wasn't ment to be broken
And if you ain't got love for me
Then I will bleed from someone else
Why so complicated
When there is nothing more to say
Why don't you keep it by yourself...
By yourself

Here is a secret I don't want to give away
Cuz here is nothing left to pretend or die for
Here is a mask I never wanted to wear...
So I tear it off my face
To let you know what I fear
No advice from up above
My memories keep wearing off
My callousness has conquered my love

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