There's more to this than you'll ever know
And there's more to me than I'll ever show
We can talk it out but it still seems clear to me
You did it again and asked for forgiveness
But I'm strong enough and admit I'm addicted to
A former love that I thought you could be

And now I see I'm the one left standing alone, You say

We will forever stay young at heart
And deep in us we'll keep the thought of an
Everlasting love

Take two steps back and see what I'm into
If love is blind then why can I see through
Your sincereties, it feels like lies to me
We hit the ground running and we never looked back
We were made for one another and they're jealous of that
It was a matter of trust that kept us from falling apart



Does all this heartache seem necessary
'cuz I don't need it, if you can't feel it
I hope you don't ever give up on our memories
And you'll always be my one and only

These days I don't think with my heart
I took the photographs down and ripped them apart
But now and then I still wonder where you are, And you'd say


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