One day i saw you,you saw me
I said i love you,you said it was a mystery
I looked at you and said "in time you'll be mine"
Verse 1:
I always thought that you loved me
All you said was to wait and see
Oh, how i got so happy
Just knowing that you loved me
So i'm waiting, always waiting
For you to answer me
So i'm waiting, always waiting
I keep calling just to see
Chorus: 2x
Verse 2:
Late at night, i saw you, you saw me
After the day you said you loved me
Hand in hand, was you and your ex-girlfriend
You said i hope that we can still be friends
(music fades)
Verse 3:
I cried and cried that night
'cause i thought you were mine
Things were not supposed to be this way
Don't you see?
It's not ok!

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