I woke from a bad dream just the other day
I dreamt that I had grown old
My life had wasted away
Nothing left to offer, nothing left to give
Regretting all I hadn't done and all the life I didn't live

No time for worry, no time for dobt
I believe in the second chance and the vices I can't live without
I know I can't let this life pass me by
Just waiting for another tomorrow, for another tomorrow

Medicated - And still I don't have all the answers
I'm so medicated - I don't even know how they work
Medicated - They create a new state of mind
I'm so medicated - Life is sedated when I'm medicated

So much to offer so much to give
Devoted to compulsion and the life I have to life
Awaken by the dream I recgonize
Just waiting for different tomorrow, for different tomorrow


I'm medicated - I don't have all the answers
I'm medicated - Just waiting for another tomorrow


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