So you're worried that no one will remember
Never let your enemies survive
Sky's the limit when you live in the moment
It buries you alive
At a time we're becomming human shields
For a world that is falling apart
Human conflict taking control
Antiwar is moving hearts

And I know, there no escaping
So much tension building up
On the move, enemy engaging
When will it ever be enough?

We've reached the moment
So head for shelter
Head for shelter
Time to get underground
Live with conflict
Head for shelter
Head for shelter
'til no one's left around

Receive the warning to stand at attention
Red, white & blue fades to orange
Be holding on to one another
As the world begins to mourn
No more time to think many in red travel
Sheild a place that has been dammed
Dogs of war are falling upon us
Will our children understand



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