Written by Evan Rogers, Carl Sturken, Jeff Timmons

I heard you found yourself a new man
And you say you're happy as can be
No one can play the game like you can
But does he give you everything you need
But in good time, you're gonna find
Your eyes were closed and your heart was blind
Now it's too late to change your fate
'Cause there's no way he'll ever take my place

He'll never be
What I used to be to you
So, if you wanna play the fool
Then make that move
And do what ya gotta do
You'll never find
A heart that is half as true
I guess you really never knew
But soon you'll see
That he'll never be
What I used to be to you

Does he even have a notion
Of what you really feel inside
Are you going through the motions
Livin' a lie like you're satisfied
But late at night, you realize
There's somethin' tellin' you it just ain't right
It's not the same, am I to blame
And when you're with him you call my name


I gave you all my love
What were you thinking of
Guess it was just a game
It's all the same to you
Too late to try again
This story's at an end
It's time for movin' on
Now what ya gonna do


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