want to hear it loud
i want to hear it true
sometimes i like the darker clouds and i feel like feeling blue
i drown myself in music, light another cigarette
i know i shouldn`t do it, but they`re so xxxxxxx poetic
tragic music scars to prove it

i want to feel the pain
it helps the heart to grow
when i`m puking in the drain you know it`s murder on the throat
i`m drinking like Bukowski
light another cigarette
i wear my heart on my sleeve doing nothing to protect it
tragic music scars to prove it.

i want to be alone until i just explode from pure grain fumes exhaled and lighting up a smoke
i`m digging for the car keys cause i`m out of cigarettes
thoughts of parking on train crossings with a mix tape in the tape deck

beat heart
beat heart sweet.
beat heart sweet stereo
i`m going to fall apart
beat heart
beat heart sweet
beat heart sweet stereo
i`m going to break your heart

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