shaking, she starts to weep
trembling, she`s packing her things
she says that it`s not me
this life`s destroying her sleep
she`s everything i need, but she`s so scared of me
she says she`s in love with me, but our life`s destroying her sleep
she says she has her needs (i`m fading)
ashes fall to the sheets (exploding)
there she is shivering (she`s freezing)
lonely and trying to sleep without me...

i`ve never been a winner, i seem to lose everything that i ever give a shit
of all the losers that have had her i`m the one that`s going to leave a scar she won`t forget about.
don`t want to tie the knot with nooses, don`t want TV to ever be the only thing round here turned on
we spent too much of our time fighting when we used to kiss the night away
we made love til dawn
we made love til dawn...

whiskey dawn
the whiskey`s on
whiskey dawn.
soon it will be gone
whiskey dawn
let`s have another shot
whiskey dawn
it may be all
we`ve got...

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