Catch me. I'm a wreck who let my conscience down. I bet the
animals sleep well after they hunt.

Someone open up a fucking window. Something just fucking died in
here. It's been breathing fucking heavy for a long fucking time
now and it's lost its fucking will to survive.
Oh no!
And what's so sick, so wrong that you don't want to believe that
such a massacre is capable of coming from me? You're gonna lose
your lunch. It's gonna blow your mind. But hold it down. Hold it
Catch me if you can but don't fall for what you've found. I bet
the animals don't think of what they've done. Flip the fucking
lever on the light switch. Turn that fucking fan all the way up.
I'm gonna get first fucking place for the worst fucking attitude
and I don't give a fuck at all.
Oh no!!
I don't feel so old. I'm smiling again. If you don't feel
sorrow, then I've already failed. I don't feel so old. Warm
blood's pumping in. You don't feel sorrow, but I'm already
there, 'cos tonight Iíve taken nothing but insults. Tonight I'm
gonna go for the middle. Tonight I've taken all of the insults.
Tonight I'm gonna fire them back...
You ignore my resolve while my conscience clings to life. But I
stomped the heart out of it, hoping that it dies.

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