For all that passes, and for all that kills me slow
I raise a glass to thank you
A friend at the bottom of the bottle
Thoughts wander back to you; my sanctuary, and to the bar room that you stand in
A window's watch for many

I won't stand behind and fight it all alone in reprise
I saw my dreams were bleeding out
Teeth falling out
My recourse was blind
Rollin' with the semis; bastards laughing wild as miles got left behind

Rev it up, never enough
I'm ready now, ready now
My dreams are drugged - not long enough
Steady now, steady now
"When it's right, it's right" it's said
So leave "Well enough" alone.
Pack it up
I've had enough

Cause' this place is the reason I am now a non-believer
It must be hard to look me in the eyes, I know
I can tell by what you say you're frustrated
I feel a little on edge, now I'm faded

My dreams are drugged and not long enough

For all that passes and for all those in the know, I raise one up to spite you
Wishin' I was back there at Borden now
Though it doesn't mean that much to me in this wasted state of mind
I know the break if dawn will recall it all
But I'll get to sleep just fine tonight to lullabies and cannons outside

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