When I look into your sad eyes
It makes me feel for you
'Cause I don't see the light
That was always shining through
Someone broke your heart
And now it's easy to give up
I'm tellin you, it's not the end
It's not the end of love

Keep believin', baby
'Cause everything happens for a reason
And though tonight tears fill in your eyes
Don't stop dreaming girl
I'll be right here to lean on
You're gonna make it through
I wanna see you
Keep believin'
Has anybody ever told you
How beautiful you truly are
How just one smile from you
Can open up any heart
You deserve that, too
Let somebody lift you up
You gotta know that
Somewhere out there
You're gonna find love, yeah
Keep believing, just have faith
I promise you the clouds will break
And someday soon, you'll see the sun
And find that someone


Keep believin'

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