All I need is one more night to make it right now
I dont even want to leave t'll it slide out
The way you like it, dont wanna stop it, come on lets rock it.
And if you searching for someone to give you the world, come and dance with me t'll you can't dance anymore oh..
Don't want to sleep I just want to give you all that I can

Give me one more night cause I can't get enough
(one more night, one more night)
Give me one more night so I can try to feel, the love
(one night, one night, would you give me one more night)
(one night, one night will you give me one more night,one night, one night all we need is one more night)

Push your body pass the edge theirs no limit
Every minute has a crazy kind of feeling
Now everbody's gonna find somebody, their no need to worry (come on)
You been working so hard everday of the week
You been thirstin just lose your self in beat
So tell the DJ not to stop playing my jam, hey ya

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