Suzy: Hi welcome to Snappy Burger, may I take your order, please?
Aaron: Uh, yeah, can I get a cheeseburger with no cheese?
Suzy: Sir, that would be a hamburger!
Aaron: No, I want a cheeseburger, no cheese.
Suzy: Sir, exactly what is it that you want?
Aaron: Alright, alright. Hold the cheese on the burger
and give the burger to me and don't put it in the package.
Suzy: Okay so that's nuggets and an orange soda?
Aaron: What? Can I have your name please?
Suzy: Suzy Smith, why?
Aaron: Let me speak to the supervisor.
Suzy: I am the supervisor. You know what? I don't really like
your attutude.
Aaron: Aaugh! forget it! I wasn't hungry anyways!

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