It's An Overdose For Most a Shot in the Brain
Blows Your Mind Like the Winds of a Hurricane
Put You Hands to Your Head to Stop the Pain
And Hear a Scream Louder Than a Freight Train
Street Sounds Merry-go-rounds
So Up-tight While Your Mind Is Windin' Down
Toss and Turn On Aa Sea of Tranquility
Crimes of Insanity-how Many Guilty?
I Can See Their Blank and Dull Faces
Another Episode of How the Human Race Is
Sick to Death Have We Lost Our Senses?
I'm Mad As Hell and I'm Not Gonna Take This

They Gave You the Shaft and You Know Where They Stuck It
It's Pay Back Man Your Head's in a Bucket
Pull It Out Look About What Am I Sayin'?
This a Pleaa This Is no Bargain
Junkies For Tv Live in Soap Opera Sitcoms
They're Cop-outs For Dropouts and no Minded Morons
See It You Can Be It and So It Goes On and On
Livin' the Good Life Singin' a Swan Song
Hear the News Blues Pick and Choose
Try and Understand You Get More Confused
Pull the Plug It's Too Much Information
24 Hours 5 Million Stations
Check It Out We've Got to Change This Reel
The More We See the Less We Feel
Compassionate Passion It's So Easy to Fake It
I'm Mad As Hell and I'm Not Gonna Take It

Payin' Dues Sellin' Shoes
Always Complainin' and Prayin' and Sayin', "So What's the Use?"
It's a Zoo the Animals Are Me and You
Turnin' Tricks Jumpin' Through a Point of View
Like Change So Fantastic
More Street Homes For More and More Spastics
Outside It's a Turning Tide
And So You Learn There's no Where no Way to Turn
Back From Behind the Window
Get a Dose Takin' in the Freak Show
Find the Ugly Truth That Is Wisdom
A Home Is a Castle a Castle Can Be Your Prison
Anger Is Your Reaction
You Can Use It to Take Action
No Time You Whine Your Line Is So Basic
I'm Mad As Hell and I'm Not Gonna Take It

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