Out of Sight Is Out of Mind
The Distant Past Is a Shift in Time
It's a New Location It's the Same Old Line
Official Position Is a Nursery Rhyme

The Missing Link Is the Mother Lode
They Cross Cut Culture On Computer Codes
With Mellow-drama For Tired Eyes
Who's Sleeping Late in Paradise

There's no Denying the Thing's I've Seen
On the Great Almighty Tv Screen
A World Obsessed With Image and Fashion
Looking Good Feeling no Passion
Money Is Power Greed Is the Sixth Sense
What's For Sale I Say What's the Difference
Holy Wars and World-wide Famine
And Everybody Else Has Given Up Understanding
Why Who Wants to Know?
They Don't Want to Miss Their Favorite Show
So Hypnotized By the Lies Cut You Down to Size
You Got Something to Say All Yo Can Do Is Try