We Did It in the Kitchen and We Did It in the Hall
I Got Some On My Finger and I Wiped in On the Wall
We Did It On the Lawan and We Did It On the Roof
You Know I Got the Pictures If You Want to See the Proof

That's the Way
I Like It Like That

First It Was Bananas and Then It Was a Pear
And Then I Tried a Cantaloup But It Wouldn't Fit in There
Then It Was a Vacuum and We Both Began to Shout
I Turned It On and Got It Stuck I Couldn't Get It Out
I Went Out to the Shed and I Got a Two-by-four
She Knew What I Was Thinkin' She Was Runnin' For That Door
I Said I Wouldn't Hurt Her
'cause That Ain't My Kind of Scene
I Said It With a Grin and I Got the Vaseline


That's the Way
Soometimes I Just Like to Lay Your Body Down


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