Ooh yeah, oooh yeahhh
Ace Hood, Konvict Music
I know they want us to stop
But we immune to lose it
No I can't stop getting this money now
Because I'm out here living this hustler's life
I be working all day but no nine to five
And you know we don't play when it's time to grind
That's how it goes
You want to get that dough
I'm making but I'm still hungry
But whatever it takes I got to go get this money
When I first jumped in the game I was seven years old
Kept the motto, get the money, give a fuck about a hoe
Serving porcelain to people, left a brick off in my coat
Always told to eat fast, never snitching was the code
I would never postpone, because the money get gone
Never waiting by the phone, got to get it on your own
Real niggas get paid every second of the day
Hit the mall blow a quote that I can't fit in this phrase
Just know it's two colors in that Def Jam chain
Little money want to scam
Bitch I'm out of your range
Make way
Got to get this money
Smoking nothing but the best, yeah the boy so flooded
And I still want money
See you can slow down
My money keeps coming
You niggas take breaks
My team keeps running
They bring me back bags
Louis Vuitton something
Don't really know the price
Just know it costs money
And when it comes to money
They know it ain't nothing
Blow one hundred on jewels
Make it back up on a Monday
Why niggas trying to floss?
They balling out to budget
Everyday on the grind
Bitch my mind is on the money
Tell them roll up the trees
And deliver me the scummy
Forget a nine to five
Overrated me to quit
Now a day since legit
I get it opposite legit
Me and my nigga Kon so addicted to the chips
He going to let you know the script
And whatever it takes
Ace Hood about money
How much for the chain?
I spent about a hundred
See you can dim the lights
But my wrist still sunny
They know I'm on the block
And my fitted in the Glock
Dickies cut with a frame
And a half up in my sock
Got to get it anyway
And keep it level from the cops
Bitch you never play the grind
First rule off top
I been in it for the dough
You niggas need props
I'm just in it for the guap
Hundred million in the pot
Only know to go and get it so the printer don't stop
Grab fifty hit a lot, and go and dump it on a drop
I'm starving like Marvin
And ain't no giving and bargains like Target