[Intro - Ace Hood]
Yay, straight up like that there B homie
Free Weezy!
Yay, let's get to the money my nigga
Mister Hood

[Chorus] X2
Money to be made best believe a nigga clocking
Money to be made best believe a nigga clocking
Money to be made best believe a nigga clocking
I run it myself like a quarter back option

[Verse 1 - Ace Hood]
Okay there's money to be made
Let's go get this guap
And I'm fresh up on the block
Rubber band in my pockets
Nigga run it like I'm shock it
Balling like John Stockton
Couple stacks in my pocket
What the fuck is a wallet?
Nigga show me what you need oh
Call me the Young Nino
All I see is the C-notes
Triple digits and zeros
Nigga keep it on the D low
While I'm stacking the Fritos
I get the shit by you know
Send it to Puerto Rico
Nigga never move by two though
Tell them that's what it do though
Just bring my money back
Yeah I'm talking Polo
Nigga money to be made
That's money to be made
And if this ain't your shit
Then nigga you ain't getting paid


[Verse 2 - Ace Hood]
Okay now hundred thousand dollars
That's around my collar
Nigga I should see a doctor

Addicted to them dollars
Nigga holler (Holler) holler (Holler) holler (Holler)
Fuck off with you cowards
Just feed me with the money nigga
Watch how I devour
Nigga it's raining money
Watch I take a shower
All you niggas lame
Nine to five scholar
Nigga you be picking flowers
My hand is so tired
Counting for an hour
My accountant cannot follow
Nigga money to be made
All my niggas paid
Fresher than a mug in the latest fucking J's
And your bitch be on my dick though
Wet as fucking Crisco
As soon as we be done nigga, back onto that cash flow


[Verse 3 - AC]
You ain't got to tell me
But now the kush in my Louis V. duffle
Bet a nigga smell me
You little nigga, I'm better nigga
If any nigga tell me, that money ain't here pronto
Then I bet them chopper shells be arriving at his front door
I got to step up on my guns so
I see you from a distance
I'm in love with all this money
I ain't see some for you bitches
I do it because I want to
Clueless because I'm under
Influence of this Goosey but my fooleys make me wonder
Are they really hustling? Look at all these bundles
Are they really human? They eat you like piranhas
Look at my G-shock and you can tell a nigga clocking
I know them hoes watching but it's

[Chorus] X3

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