yea good morning people
see im here to speak to the world today
im a firm believer in dreams and all that there
since my dream came true
so you know how they tell you the sky is the limit?
well so many people reach for the sky
and they can't really grab nothin
people like it ain't nothin in the sky Ace
you can't see nothin but if you close your eyes
and you just imagine and you believe
that your dream is in hands reach as long as
you believe it
it dont matter what nobody else gotta say
home boy
and ladies and gentlemen you will be closer to your
dream regardless of what they say
speak to em
it go cold winters and hot summers as im lookin through
that window can see that it might thunder
the clouds start to huddle
the rain hit the shutters
i start to see a puddle with loud sounds of clutter
was tought when i was younger when rain fall poors
its god givin tears as it poors from above
so i stand and i soar with my knees to the floor
and my head to the sky like go i am yours
whether not i see tomorrow and i got on my tour
swear to raise your name high like the libertian torch
was smart train to thought as i pass by the parks
i just stop and i park like this is my city
i emmerse from the blocks an stay from the cops
bein judged by the locks wit a pocket full of rocks
an a mouth full of gold diggers urgin to stop
an any nigga fitted that disturb on the block
i hear it all day that my niggas gettin caught
i just hold my head down we already in a drought
my cousin in the fears cause she took a different rought
an my homie in the bed cause he bout to lose his house
see our president is black we should never keep a doubtin
never keep em out man show a nigga how
ya and i can feel it in the air though
these niggas mad but i vision them like scarecrows
i can hear em when they whisper me to die slow
but i dont fear em cause my breed just like a cyclone
either move or get easily stepped on
im in my own race sprint not a cell phone
hard body mind frame like a shell toe
rookie of the year now im tryin to sell more
im gettin closer to my dream MLK
tryin to be the best at it each and every day
i told my niggas that i got us each and every way
and Broward county don't worry cause i pave way
never listen to a can't gotta get paid
mind frame left earth but it wont change
seven os in the bank is my first aim
so i do claim that when i do pray
super stars who'd a thank not a lupe
but i do pay homage i promise
any nigga comin outta Broward i got em
even tho i wasn't so honored
my mind frame stuck to the commas beside all the drama
chea lifes all great except when my nigga passed away
it was nothin i could do nor say
i felt like i was stuck in a cage as i suffer for days
an i stared an i gazed reminisce when we hang
like i can't be blamed and please god change that
time on the clock and his place on the block
an hold that shot as it blast from the glock
just to re-wind times so the pain it can stop
and i just refuse see my dawg in a box
and i know he lookin down as he gaze from the top
and he send me that love so i aim for the top
he would tell me go hard and never ever stop
he would probably take a picture thats my dawg
even though a nigga miss ya i love my dawg
an even through these tears gon fall
i promise i will never ever fall
i promise i will stick to my dream and ride for the team
as you rode it for me chya now im free
and every day i keep you closer to me
your mind and your soul im approachin my dream
and im closer to where i wanna be r.i.p. my nigga
i love ya home boy ya