Waited my whole life for this moment
Thank you for patience
For forgiveness
For your angels watching over me
I shouldn't be livin'
Lord Im sorry for my sins
But these streets ain't forgivin'
No these streets ain't forgivin'
Na these streets ain't forgivin'
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I would never fear a man who could breathe my air
Only god himself
I got my mind on wealth
Quit a job, thank god momma betta' in health
Fuck the world man I felt like I could manage myself
Hard times came around lord I needed your help
Lost my dog can't describe the pain I felt
Couldn't make it to the funeral I hold that guilt
I done been through shit
Nearly lost my life, nearly lost my mom
I toss and turn at night
Now my times are betta'
No eviction letta'
Why did god bless me, im tryin' put it together
Ain't nobody here perect
Please wash my sins
Doin' women because they love the way I ride that benz
Plus my penthouse fly
I invite them in
Young man 23 dear god I repent
Okay now 1 for the money
3 for the niggas who doubted me on the low
Said that I wouldn't make make it your predetermineds a joke
Many livin' with out it
Ask me I how did I do it
Tell them I never doubt it
Quittin' never considered
Many blessings delivered
Friends became haters, the money turning em' bitter
Betrayel in my soul, im cold like late december
Daddy look at your son
Millionaire in the makin'
I pray one day that you call
Cause you proud and happy I made it
Leaving was kinda shady
Hope this eats you alive
My tears no longer cried
Some people try and they try and try
Just to get by
But me? ima' do what I got to do to get mine
Loyalties to my team
And thats all I scream
Real niggas do real things
I say that we just gettin' richer is the song I sing
Real niggas do real things
I say the money the motive
Riding in that new phantom
And thats word to ma roly
24's on the 'maro
I did it just like kobe
Some people try and they try and try
Just to get by
But me? ima' do what I got to do to get mine