I'm at a loss of words
Just don't get it
Dear the love of my life
I'm sick and tired of the fights
So we been fucking for years
But you been cheating for life
You give it up to them lames
And then you blow em that night
I Gave my heart to you baby
But you ain't doing me right
See I was young when I met ya
Had me fallin in seconds
Held me down in recessions
I'm thinking God what a blessing
Know my love runs deep
I toss and turn in my sleep
I need your heart in return
And if it ever would beat
I lost in touch with you once
Had me stressing for months
I started out in the barn
We done been through too much
I swear that life is a bitch
And plus you easy to switch
Ain't no worries lil mama
I ain't taking the fence
Keep on doin them lames
Keep on makin em rich
I'll be here for a while
You'll be back on my dick
Misses hip hop love
I forgive and forget
Still I wonder in time
Will you ever commit
I'm saying
I went to war with some sinners
Laid in bed with the devils
Ain't no love in this game
It'll turn a Christian to rebels
Poured my heart and my soul
I let my passion develop
Why you playin with my feelings
I ain't the type to be jealous
Fuck that hip hop bitch
Let that last line settle
You fall in love with these rappers
Know I'm ten times better
Get it ten times wetter
Plus I'm way more clever
I'm from that fuck you era
Plus I'm top 5 level
What's a king to a God
What's your life to my nine
What's my life without you
I can't envision my odds
Why your hearts so cold
Where the love at tho
I deserve that shit
You'll be lying if I don't
You wasting time with them gimmicks
Suck a dick for your critics
Give a fuck who your favorite
I'm the name that you mention
You can look up the realest
I'm your sure definition
We been at it for years
I think it's time for commitment
I'm saying