Well alright
There's only one way to go from here
And that's up
(Mister Hood)
Okay, me and them schemes got my past life jealous
Niggas doing crime but I'm into making cheddar
Promise to my mama you will never send me letters
Or view me through them bars with them murderers and killers
Addicted to the women, but she like to call them hoes
With them fine high heels and them super fitted clothes
Fascinated by the dough, I graduated on
Just my salary alone I can get a bank a loan
With them six figure checks that just pop up at my home
Got me flying around the world, Louis V. to carry on
And what do I do? Blow a couple on a shone
Brag about it on the phone to my niggas back at home
Got my mama in my ear saying "Leave the women 'lone"
They don't mean you no good, they just know you by your song
But that's another note, I just thought I'd let them know
Mister Chili-Pepper-Flow, sick as AIDS in the throat
Man you niggas for the show, call them Doctor Huxtable
This 'The Statement', I swear you rappers sign at the do'
Mister 9-5-4, blow a nigga team's smoke
Who going to kill them in the end before the credits even
This a movie, niggas playing groupies
Jumping on your dick when they see you in the two seat
Claiming that he hot, but you rappers never move me
Like they take the action out the motherfucking movie
Boo he, puue, nigga I'm the shit man
Bad bladder so I only wear a shit bag
Yeah, so name another nigga this dope
If it is, probably turn him into white coke
Big money, bitch nigga I repute broke
Light slow and I swear I let them all know
I'm at your front door
Light it up if you know you got the good smoke
Who would have thought
I'd be caught, in this life?
Let's celebrate, with a toast
And get lost, in tonight
And make it all light up
Wait until the sun goes down
We going to make this bitch light up
Even when the sun goes down
I'm a make it go.