I used to luv her
Fuck it.(2 Chainz)


Yeah she used to tear down the mall
Findi, prada and all
Swear that pussy was great
I let her have it her way
I used to luv her(x3) yeah

She started fucking them lames
Throwing dirt on my name
Tried to creep with my dog
I used to luv her, yeah I used to luv her

Verse [Ace Hood]

I had a bitch named Diane
Stashed her work in her hammer
Bad bitch from Atlanta
Had a job as a dancer
She was fine as a mug
Shake her ass in the club
Fuck her once and I spolier
Now I'm falling in luv
I swear that pussy was power
Dick her down for some hours
On some pornstar shit
She sniffed her coke off the counter
This bitch was bad
Supa bad
Cooking and cleaning ass
Poking out of them
Vicky secrets
? She desire I supply her with some shopping sprees
Gave her my card and my brand new panaramo keys
So she went sour
Heard to much about her in the street
They say she was doing everybody that's including me
Get off of work another nigga she would go and see
Tell me she luv me be creeping when a nigga sleepin'
You old silly ass
Trick something in my sleeve
Bitch where my card where my keys youse a memory


Verse 2[2 Chainz]

Ok this story about Sonya
Meet her through Rhaseda
While your drink was on the coaster
I was down in Costa Rica
Actions speak loud
And I feel talk is cheaper
Original d-boy I was texting
Using beepers
How I ended up with a Porsce
Started with a Regal
Ended-up with Sonya and started off with Lisa
See Sonya got a girl friend so you know
The prosedure
And Ima keep it pimpin
Church Cathedral
Chopper in my beamer
Real nigga like Luseal
And I'm tired of ballin
But I ain't talking bout Tela
You have no ideal tequila in my freezer
And I didn't go to prom
I was in love with a beaker
Looked up to the felons
Said what's up to the preacher
Getting all this new money like its nice to met you
Breakfast in the bedroom like it was nice to eat you
Took her to the mall
And brought her a bag with the sneakers


Verse 3 [Ace Hood]

I'm in that 4 door ho
Rocking my fresh polo
I got my seat back low
I'm in that bitch solo
I'm sick and tired of them hoes
Playing that role on the low
Claiming they faithful and shit
That's how that game gonna go
They fall in luv with your money
And like with your swagger
See that new chock you fucking
Nine out of ten I th'n had her
Keep my hoes to the money
Family is what matters
All that get is this dick
And bubblegum out the wrapper
I had a bad lil chick
I'm talkin' bad as shit
The way them titties was sitting
And all that ass so thick
I had to bag that quick
And I was gone all in
A couple months we done chill
Found out that bitch wasn't shit
They say the whole hood hit
I told her get lost trick
I should of knew you was shawn for the group you were with
I used to,luv her
I used to luv her
But I ain't tripping I just hit the club and find another

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