At the end of the day my nigga, I do the shit for my family
And my niggas dog you feel me.
Lord knows I'm a gold get her,
Lord knows I'm a gold get her,
I chase that money every 24,
I chase that money every 24.
Lord knows I'll always gonna be a real nigga
Lord knows I never be a fuck nigga
I chase that money every 24,
Money over bitches you know how it goes.
You're looking at the hottest nigga in the city
f*ck the city, hottest nigga in my state
free a nigga boosy boo I hope it be the case,
kicking blunt and counting money nigga that's every day
black in my moe, my black looking like the corner bricks,
kicking blunt and counting money nigga that's every day
black and I'm on my black looking a hundred bricks,
nigga don't woop no powder choppa can't you fit it
chase and disrespect I should step my.
walking around this bitch I said don't rick the rule up,
counting in another mill, I'm screaming hallelujah
spit the top of dope that get you that I .her,
anybody want that work and I gotta clean cup,
my shit so broke and you'll be half for three months
four cars cribling like a f*cking mob
heard myself it's .but found the way to ball,
I pray you pussy niggas this life we're live in hell,
f*ck that counting money, way you on the scale, never.
Yeah, so much people like the way no need to fail,
answer to that question cold as day in hell
fuck nigga talking talk, don't make you take you there,
I move like a turtle mean I keep them shades
lost so many niggas to this fuckin struggle,
out RP fulfill feel it up like my fucking brother,
running up down them streets end it up the sheavy bubble,
.nigga getting that money, all we knew was hustle,
play no fool in the refrigerator, you know the shelf,
ain't no hand out fear I think the shit.
the mama said I pussy good, I'm trying to see you then
guarantee she bustin when she see the benz,
Lord knows I am gold getter,
tryin to stay away from all you fuck niggas
and like that wooby on some other shit,
fuck a hater you can run and tell them needs.
All this cat like a nigga I do this like a kay
when you're fitting me G my nigga
won't give a damn you don't flex in the hood,
bitch .run it, I don't like to wonder f*ck the police I pay
for the ticket
you don't Lord to hundred on the.I admit it
my bad ain't show no love,
to the money over all this bitches,
what you do it we lay we did it,
now we're going where all this niggas can't go,
stayed on the ground so use, don't get it
they don't get it so they yell like hoes,
I swear boy they no different, we won't get the ssme 24
I go hard until I get it, step in the plane thought I would
be wrong,
ain't long, my mind but.this rat,
she bangin round on this scruples had the own don't calling
me bite,
bitch I had shoes I, last time she shows she all that
I really wanna tip drip, that been no six to the.
I pay for that under paper, I begin to sense too easy
I might blow ahead make it back, and I got somewhere here
for no reason
I see you flashin for the night, but guess nigga we do this
'cause you're gonna seat black and wise me,
and now of you niggas don't believe me, but I.