This is no longer music
It's a celebration homie
Let's make a toast (Toast)
To the young don
And to the gangsters, until they postpone
To all the hustlers, that's on the cash grind
To those we lost to war and looking for a lifetime
I do it for the G's, I do it for the streets
This one for history, I'm toasting this to me
Glasses in the air! (It's a celebration baby)
I'm toasting this to me
Glasses in the air! And this for history
[Verse 1]
True story I was born into the Lord's glory
Hustle and ambition, vision first class ported
And that's according I was cordial on my first formal
Trying to make a mill' coming off of four quarters
I am so Florida Marlin in my own water
Swimming with the sharks, slaughter anyting by the
Feeling like an orphan, never knew my real father
Guess that's why I'm going harder than my role model
Signed to the biggest label that enable Carter
Now they paying Hood out there to my armor model
And every Ace of Spades bottle till the last swallow
Only taint to ever trained to get the last dollar
Black flag scholar, Louis Vuitton don
A hundred for the watch, just waiting for the right time
I just realized in my money state of mind
I'm on another level devils meet me in the sky
[Verse 2]
I used to wake up morning, yawning where I want to be
People I want to meet, and places I've been dying to see
No hope of selling coke or dope, I'm going back to sleep
Now I awake with paper bags, cash under feet
Throw up the W to represent my dynasty
And all honesty the prodigy see no defeat
Keep all apoligies, the modesty is all to me
It's ruthless mindframe is the way to be
I burn a hater, blow the ashes on his daddy feet
May he be deceased, look until you see the beast
While I could see you getting rich and niggas envy me
It's deeper than the rap, the realist shit a nigga speak
Private planes take me everywhere they wish to see
And Khaled taking me to heights they only wish to be
Flyest without a wing, the American dream
It's a bird, it's a plane, naw it's just me
[Verse 3]
Shout out to Khaled, shout out to Def Jam
Shout out to We the Best, what up Dollas and Deals?
Shout out to A.D., what up Fo' Fifth?
What up Kitgo? What up P Bo?
Blood no go, what up A.C.?
I love you Blonde D, I love you big sis'
I love you little sis', I love you 2Pac
And I will never stop, let's toast to the top
Ace Hood baby!
This is no longer music
This is a celebration baby
I've been introduced to the finer things in life
Thank you Lord
Thank you Lord!
Khaled! I told them
Make a toast to them
Hi haters!