Mr. Hooood
I do it, we get it, bitch it's all bout
uh wat else, uh ya dig, I do it
Ok now money money money you can tell I get alot of that
I be round dat money it surround my like my habitat
matter fact i double that
touch it push yo bladder back
I don't see you lames cause I'm suffering from cataracts
Bitch I'm back like chiropract
money is my zodiac
boy dis G sick
I aint talkin bout no Pontiac
I be sippin Coniac
chillin wit yo bitch in fact
and her pussy super fat
dis where I be swimmin at
l-let her play the lifeguard
cuff it like a life charge
dats a dam shame
i just slow aim
let you eat her good
dats my old thang
caint forget the motive
now what the hood say
(money, money, money)