[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
Uhh!, wait 'til I get my money right
Bet'cha then, she'll fuck me right
Bet'cha then she'll fuck me long
Do anything jus so she'll be on!
That lean in my cup and I'm blowing on loud
Today is the 4th and she coming in town
Remembering back when a nigga was down
It's funny how money could turn 'em around
Women that is highly sophisticated
Bottoms are red and their lips are painted
Pay for that body they waist deflated
Ass is fat and them hoes will hate it
Bag is Gucci, Louie and Berkin
Body amazing, dress fit perfect,
Beautiful girl, but is it worth it?
Is it my fame? Tell me your purpose
Fucking me good, just for them purses
Just for them cars, in love with the splurgin'
Guess I'm a man who livin' and learnin', boy
I promise her pussy can get her the world
To get what she want and she suddenly plays an innocent girl

[Hook: Kevin Cossom]
Girl I know you better, cut it out
Acting like you love somebody
Acting like I might not notice
You should know just like I know
The motive, the motive
My motive is your honey
Your motive is the money
So now we're back together
But it won't last forever
Ooh the motive, I want a motive

She do it for status, put the brain on hold
Her body have talent, she gave up her soul
(She gave up her soul), she gave up her soul
(Straight to the top, she gon' climb that pole)
Show her for the life, show her for the lights
Say you make a deal, it's all for the night
What's your motive? (What's your motive?)


[Verse 2: Ace Hood]
Wait 'till I get my money right
Bet'cha then, she'll fuck tonight
Temptation running as high as ever
I'm trying to see what that pussy like
I'm still in my section, she's tearing me down
Wondering how she can draw my attention to bring her around
She loves the life, admire the ice, my diamond's bright
Watching her body, that dress that she rocking is fitting her tight
Lord, she could be somebody's wife
But everything that shines ain't a diamond right?


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