I came off from that bottom
All the niggas was hating
Started getting that money, every night’s like a celebration
All my niggas is with me, all them hoes they watching
I’ma live my life, fuck the niggas don’t like it
Hey, real niggas on right now
Real niggas, real niggas on right now
Rreal niggas on right now
Real niggas, real niggas on right now
Real niggas on right now
Real niggas, real niggas on right now

Ok now, old hoes, new money, still ballin like Tim Duncan
Vv’s got no flaws, chain on me cost 100
Say young niggas we ball hard, bail hard with my black card
Save money, don’t save hoes, y’all niggas so lifeguard
Hey, real niggas on right now
I ain’t ever, I ain’t ever told no lie
Riding with a bad bitch, she ain’t gotta ask shit
She ain’t never seen this fly
I be on some other shit, prolly leaving that dealership
Getting head by this free bitch, she deserve a little scholarship
I say these niggas can’t hold me back
Riding round that 45 on the lap
Shawty popping that pussy for me
Where the fuck is my dollars at
Say hop your ass in this foreign
Y’all niggas ain’t important
Can’t be getting money all this hating that you be doing

Club packin, my section ready
Pullin up in that 911
Bitches looking like who that is
You would think that it’s machiavelli
Say all eyes on me, 2 pac rest in peace
50 racks in my pocket, belly fitting my jeans
Where the good pussy at, where’s at, where’s at
Shawty waist is super slim and that ass is super fat
I said I’m looking for her, yeah I’m looking for her
When I give her that dick I plug that pussy like extension cards
Man I got it rich now they hatin
All it took was some patience
People say I’m underrated, well I’ma be dope as your greatest
I be in and out of the city
Hustle gotta go get it
Celebrate with my team, feels good to be winning!

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