White leather, hot new pair of rims
Brand new pistol with a trigger like a hair pin
Well I just copped that mini Bentley four door
Always see me golow, oh I'm in it so low
My fitted sitting so low, put that black tee there
Fresh in my Polo, pistol under seat, only use that bitch for
Bad yellow broad, and she sucking on my zo zo
While I'm counting Euros, turned it to a funeral
Dead pres' is everywhere, money out the derriere
Yeah I'm doing very well, holler when you see me there
Boy I wish a nigga would, try me like I ain't hood
Over here we all good, run up if you think you could
You could meet my poster, leave you in a dumpster
Blast till my thumbs hurt, yeah nigga shooting first
Now that's nasty, you should see the Caddy
Cash money addict, I'm stunting like my daddy
Ace Hood swagging, but I'm kind of embarrassed
Walking like I'm pigeon toed, pockets full of cabbage and
I'm sitting
And yeah, you see them choppers
And they chopping on that pearl Benz
They like a whirl wind, it'll reel your girl in
No baby momma drama, you can bring your girlfriend
So come to momma, hop in that dropper topper
Don't worry about your man that's why I carry the chopper
It go blocka blocka blocka b-blocka blocka blocka, yeah he
going to need a doctor
I dump his ass off in Broward, tell him I holler holler
I dip off in that Impala, them rims still spinning
I did my best to stop them, I get them from the boarder
Across the water I order, this Tommy Melanoma
Diamonds kept in the cooler, ordered them from the mula
I hit up Kevin the jeweler
You ever try to play me I let you meet with the Ruger
That little body movement, them 26's a tumor
Put stripes on the Jag', I call that bitch in the Puma, this
twenty two suited
And I'm sitting on that