Complete and total iaration...

My Gift to you, my heart was yours.
In 10 weeks we shaped it...
In one night you murdered it.

Torn from my chest and lay at your feet
because that first step you took was the worse

Since then you've walked a thousand miles
in silents to show your mark...

i still have these memorys
that we'll never see what could of been.

Remember when we talked
of where we would be a year from now?

Remember when you held my
hand like you'd never let it go.

Coz thats all you can do.

We'll never make another memory...
We'll never make another memory.

I wish i had died in your arms
the last time we were together....
So i didn't have to wake without you today.

This time i thought things were real...
You said they were.
What happened?
You were a prority... was i a opition?

I let you see a side of me
i dont share with anyone.

Promises are just words unless they are fulfilled.
You knew from the beging all i had
to offer you was my heart...

I'm sorry it wasn't enough.

So we'll go our own ways and hopefully
you'll remember the things i told you.

Hopefully you'll understand that everything
i said was in sersarty..

A broken heart was not what i wanted from this...
but i'll guess i'll learn from it.

But arn't you meant to learn from your mistakes?

I don't consider this a mistake....
I just wish thw story didn't end this way

Because i'm still in love with the person
who helped me write it.


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