Dying - Inside - From The - One I Adore
I Cant - Deal With - This Shit - Anymore
Tears of aggrevation drip into my mouth,so bitter tasting
I cant come to terms with trust as i spit in the face of patience
I ignored the advice,could never turn a hoe into a housewife
why is your reply,every statement represented by a lie

Free,my mind will never be,slap the face of dishonestly
recieved,all the stress i dont need.jealousy is my worse enemy
Insecure from the pain i've endured,fallen victem to the feelings that wasnt sure
revisiting past mistakes,learn to take things day by day

I THOUGHT,things would be DIFFERENT,you were the ONLY one who had my undivided ATTENTION,now i am CAUGHT UP,thoughts of SUSPICION,blaming myself because i should've LISTENED to my INTUITION,my fist are CLENCHING,anger has altered my process of THINKING,thoughtless DECISIONS,my life is MISSING - AND I - WANT IT - RIGHT BACK - NOW

Typical Beginnings leading predictable endings,becoming an inconvience,i dont need this,fear of commencement,self centerd,unable to compromise,onesided,feelings unmutual,i am so tired of trying
Blinded By - Perfection x2