There's a city somewhere
Where buildings stand so tall
Of iron and concrete
Making us look so small

Maybe that's the thing that i've always wanted
A smokey skyline, if the sun ever shone
With empty streets, ever hazy
Where everyone once just leaves me alone

There's a landscape somewhere
Where we took that picture together
With soft fields of wheat
Jesus, i could hold that wheat forever

Maybe that's the thing that always made things go wrong
I don't know how to treat wheat
Always shatters funny in my hand
It's so much more fragile than meat

I was so interested
But you never wanted to try too much
I was just listening
But you babbled excuses in crazy dutch
I was staring in the eye,
You were looking to the sky,
You were eating apple pie,
While i just wanted to die

I'm going to take a walk
Down that narrow, grayscale road
With those chalk-like lampposts
And that sweet strange scent that reminds me of home
Maybe it's just too much to take
Maybe i just deserve to be left by myself
But if i ever hear you speaking my name, again
be sure, i'll send you straight to hell

I was just wandering
But you came out of nowhere and fucked my life
You want out desperately
But i'll just make sure you won't play with me twice
I just wanted to fuck tight
But you kept your pussy dry
I was waiting your reply
You just sighed a brief goodbye

I wanna try my new jeans
Though my legs are too skinny to fit
I don't have a choice
I don't want my ass hurt when i'm taking a shit

My parents once told me i was gonna be grand
Well i don't think so, it's too much far fetched
I don't have a future planned
It's safer to live, without having strings attached

I just want peace of mind
A place in which i can fit without wondering why
Fuck it, might as well be hell alive
Somewhere i can be insane, in my own sweet paradise
in my own sweet paradise

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