Another day
I walk as if i have a purpose
Where the street stores are like a lie
Are you crying?
It's just the meagre past
If i look up
Into the digital screen
Of the sky
The wind's song
Is climbing up the high stairs
We can hold it if we listen
We can awaken from
The dream where we were hurt
Don't cry
The city has fallen ill
Raised in a distorted cradle
We don't know know why we fall in love
Holding arms together
We're just running away
Through the streets
Lets hide inside
The crowd
Always giving a
Cold and white aluminium kiss
I'm a dispenser so
That's ok isn't it?
The wind's song
Is reaching this world
From the end of the ground
Even you who i don't trust
Is going into my heart
But we're holding onto the dreams
That hurt
We're just running away
We're holding onto the
Lovely present

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