What about the things you want?
What about the things you need,
Versus the things you don't have?
You should have,
All of this world's desires,
All of this world's entire
Bounty and beautiful love

The stars and the moon
And the birds soar real soon
You should have
All the things that you need
Give it everything
All the world to bring
If you believe in something
You go to give it everything

There's no time to waste
There's no life to take
Believers don't have to make haste
Oh no, but "I love you"
Are more than just some sweet words
"I love you"
Are the sweetest words I ever heard
One thing about I can't explain
That you are the world to me
When you're sure you love me
Show you love tenderly


Why should settle for second best
When you haven't tasted all the rest
Listen to me
Listen to my request
You should have all the things you want,
the things you need
All of the things your mind can conceive


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