How Many Nights, How Many Days Do I Wait Here For You
Have You Long Forgotten All the Things We'd Said
And How Many Times Must I Let the Phone Ring, Just to Get You
Could It Be That Now This Love Has Long Gone Dead

No Oh no - Thought It Hasn't Been So Long
No Oh no - I'm Sure You're Feelin's Gone and Then

Love, Love Feels Like a Ball and Chain
What a Fool I've Been to Fall in Love Again
Love, Love When Will It Ever End
I Don't Think That I Can Ever Love Again

Well How Many Nights, Have I Stayed By the Phone Just to Hear From You And
Could It Be That I Just Wanna Hear You Say
That All of This Time You'd Been Thinkin' Alone
Wonderin' What to Do
And That I Love You Is All You Wanna Say

(Repeat - Fade)

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