I didn't have to love you,
But i did yes i did.
At times your love was all i had.
But now that our love is just a faded memory,
Of all the good times that we've had.
I never tryed to put any chains on you,
I tryed to tell you that,
But you kept saying you had your life to live. so

Do what you want to do.
Be who you want to be.
Go to the end of the earth, and
I'll try to follow you
Say what you want to say.
See who you want to see
I'll always be here if you want my love tomarrow.

You said i was a fool,
But a fool couldn't understand.
Or feel the love that i feel
So don't go puttin' any blame on me
I got no reason to leave.
Cuz you just said you got your life to live


And then there'll be no pain no sorrow.

Cuz i could never stop lovin' you
And i don't want to stop lovin' you
What am i supposed to do if i've got to stop
There's nothing more that i can do.
And i'm never goona stop.

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