Lookin' my best, checkin' the time
Everything I tried to say
I could see was taken wrong
She's lookin' away, fightin' the tears
With haste in our decision
We swept away the years

Love with no end
Neither one of us would give in

What a way to go
What am I gonna find
When I turn the corner and admit that I was blind
Too late to change
Too much has been said
But if I could start again
I would do anything

We could have been there
We could have had everything
We're never gonna know
What we pushed aside
I'm takin' my last look into those lonely eyes
Nothin' else left to say
We slowly turn away

Love with no end
The two of us too stubborn to bend


As the final moment enters
There's a stillness in the air
As I slowly let go of your hand


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