Right from the start
You had my heart
Had it right there in your hands all along
We had it all
We rose, now we fall
Say it ain't so
Cause I can't let u go
Can't think of moving on
I wish I knew
How to quit you
How to close the door
I wish I knew
How to get you off of my mind
I wish that things could go back like it was before
I wish I knew

Lost in a maze
Thinking of better days
When love was no chore, or something to endure
But, a never ending phase
And now that you're gone
I'm still holding on
With all of the memories from our past,
I'm still trying to make it last


If I could just think with my head
And not with my heart
I'd erase all of you
Make a brand new start
I try not to answer your calls
But it don't get me far
I'm stuck trying to get over you


I wish I knew that you would break my heart
And I would feel this pain
Cause I can't handle it baby
Take all my memories and just erase them please
Cause I don't know what to do babe

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