Jenny so much better now today
You've taken all your medicine
And now I'm not afraid
Jenny they're gonna put that ass away
Better stop to smell the roses on this lovely
summers day
Prison issued clothes don't look so fly but if
you take em off
I could get you by

You're killing me, oh Jenny
Heroin with a college degree
Don't you see ho Jenny
I'm looking out for a friend in need
Standing in the corner
Waiting for the punch line
Killing me, oh Jenny
you're your own worst enemy

Jenny so much worse than yesterday
When the drugs stop working there
is a price you have to pay
Jenny when the blue all turns to black
I'll be picking up the pieces
that you never knew you had
Wake up Jenny don't go back to black
You're going to end up giving your daddy...
A heart attack


Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies
Cause if I want the truth I'll look in your eyes
Tell me lies tell me little white lies
'Cause if I want the truth I'll look in your eyes
Heroin you're my heroin

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